Mick Sterling & The Stud Brothers


Soul and R&B singer Mick Sterling has always had that unique ability to make his audience experience both joy and sorrow in his deeply moving performance. Mick Sterling & the Stud Brothers have been one of the most popular R&B attractions in the Twin Cities music scene for more than a decade. The band, born in 1988, started out playing the great songs by Tower Of Power, James Brown, Etta James, Wilson Pickett, and other soul and R&B greats. They decided to put together a ten-piece band, with 5 horns, which at that time no one was doing. They also proposed an unusual idea of playing on Sunday nights at Bunker's (a popular club in Minneapolis), a night not usually known for live music. Within a year, Mick had lines of fans stringing out the door, sometimes in the dead of winter, to come and see this remarkably refreshing act. Through his nearly 35 years of leading the band, Mick has also proven to be a strong supporter of his community. For several years in the 90's Mick was instrumental in putting together a string of successful benefits to help raise money for Camp Heartland, the nations largest summer camp for children living with HIV/AIDS at that time. His benefit, Heart & Soul, turned into the largest fund-raiser in the nation for Camp Heartland. Mick continues his philanthropic efforts as the founder and director of The 30-Days Foundation, a Minnesotan charity helping families in financial crisis. Mick Sterling and The Stud Brothers continue to be one of the most powerful soul and R&B bands in the region.